Telemetry Products



STX01 and SRX01 Transmitter & Receiver Single channel system, offering wireless transfer of a single analogue signal, either 4-20mA or DC voltage.
STX2+2 abd SRX2+2 Transmitter & Receiver Mixed signal radio telemetry solution. Analogue I/O: 2x 2-40mA or DC Voltage. Digital I/O: 2x volt free or optional pulse counting required.
STX4+8 and SRX4+8 Transmitter & Receiver Multi-channel radio telemetry system, 4 Analogue and 8 digital inputs. Significant signal connectivity and data transfer in a standard package.12 I/O channels allow greater signal monitoring capability
Sensorlink SENSOR LINK Compact wireless telemetry link for any strain gauge sensor or RTD. Transmissions distance 1 to 300 meters. Licence free radio operation.16 bit ADC resolution.
SMR01 Radio Modem SMR01 RADIO MODEM High speed, intelligent radio modem. Half-duplex serial data transmission. Up to 9600 band (20kHz and 25KHz channel spacing) RS232 serial port for connection to PC.
TR420 and SR420 Wireless Link 4-20mA input/4-20mA output via radio link for wireless communication of 2 wire instrumentation signals.
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