Glue and Glue Kits

Accurate strain measurement is only possible if the strain gauge experiences the same strain as the object. So, choosing the correct adhesive to suit the application and environmental condition is very important. Many glues and epoxy resins are prone to creep, but TSM has developed a range of adhesives, coatings and accessories for trouble free preparation and bonding of precision strain gauges. The adhesives have been formulated to achieve optimum performance throughout a wide range of environmental conditions and are packaged to provide the user with maximum control in mixing and application.

TSM adhesive kits are designed for trouble-free preparation and bonding of strain gauges to most surfaces. Whether you are experienced or new to strain gauge bonding, we can provide the right materials to suit your needs.

TSM adhesives include,
  • TSM 100: Cyanoacrylate Instant adhesive up to 70°C
  • TSM 300 Adhesive Kit: A two component, heat curing adhesive suitable up to 230°C with accessories
  • TSM 300HR: A two component, heat curing adhesive suitable up to 230°C. Adhesive only.
All adhesives are clearly identified with an expiry date to ensure correct management of shelf life and are supplied with detailed instructions for correct handling.

Unsure? Let us help you choose. Please speak to our friendly technical sales people to find the best solution to your strain gauge needs.
  • Apex bridge balance resistors
  • Apex temperature compensation resistor
  • Nickel foil TC resistors
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