• Range

    The limits within which a device or circuit operates or the distance over which a transmitter operates reliably.

  • Ratiometric

    ratiometricity refers to the ability of the transducer to maintain a constant sensitivity, at a constant pressure, over a range of supply voltage values.

  • Ratiometric (ratiometricity error)

    At a given supply voltage, transducer output is a proporation of that supply voltage. Ratiometricity error is the change in this proportion resulting from any change to the supply voltage. Usually expressed as a % of full-scale output (FSO).

  • Reference Pressure

    An independent pressure, ranging from zero pressure to some maximum pressure capability of a transducer used as a relative standard to compare the measured pressure.

  • Reference Supply Voltage

    The voltage excitation used as a reference in measuring product performance, typically 5.00 ±0.01 Vdc.

  • Reference Temperature

    The temperature used as a reference in measuring product performance, typically 25 ±3 °C.

  • Repeatability

    The amount of change of a measured reading at exactly the same pressure and ambient conditions over a series of pressure cycles from zero to full scale pressure and back to zero again. To ensure no Pressure Hysteresis is introduced into Repeatability measurement, readings are always taken during an increase in pressure or a decrease in pressure but never a mixture of the two.

  • Resolution

    The magnitude of output step changes as the pressure is continuously varied over the range. This term primarily applies to potentiometric sensors. Resolution for other pressure transducers is generally limited by sensitivity of the readout device. Usually expressed in % of full-scale output (FSO).

  • Response Time

    The length of time required for the output of a transducer to rise to a specified % of its final output value as a result of a step change of input pressure.

  • Room Conditions

    Ambient environmental conditions under which a transducer must commonly operate; established as follows:
    (a) Temperature: 25 ± 110°C (77±18°F).
    (b) Relative Humidity: 90% or less.
    (c) Barometric Pressure: 26“ to 32“ Hg. Note: Tolerances closer than shown may frequently be specified for transducer calibra

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