• Partial Pressure

    The pressure exerted by one constituent of a mixture of gases.

  • Piezoresistance

    A resistive element that changes resistance, relative to the applied stress it experiences (e.g. strain gauge).

  • Pressure

    A force per unit area.

  • Pressure Error

    The maximum difference between true pressure and the inferred from the output for any pressure I the operating pressure range.

  • Pressure Hysteresis

    The difference in output at any given pressure in the operating pressure range when this pressure is approached from the minimum operating pressure and when approached from the maximum operating pressure at room temperature.

  • Pressure Non-Linearity

    The maximum deviation of product output from a straight line fitted to the output measured over the specified Operating Pressure Range. Standard methods of straight line fit specified for this calculation are either BFSL or TSL.

  • Pressure Range

    The minimum and maximum pressure that the transducer is calibrated or specified.

  • Pressure Response Time

    Time taken for output of the product to change from 10% to 90% of Full Scale Span in response to a step change in input pressure from the specified Minimum to Maximum Operating Pressure.

  • Pressure Sensor

    A device that converts an input pressure, into an electrical output.

  • Proof Pressure

    The specified pressure that may be applied to the sensing element of a transducer causing a permanent change in the output characteristics.

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