• Offset

    The output signal obtained when the Reference Pressure is applied to all available pressure ports. Also known as „null‟ or „zero‟.

  • Offset Error

    The maximum deviation in measured Offset at Reference Temperature relative to the target Offset as determined from the Ideal Transfer Function.

  • Operating Pressure Range

    The range of pressure between minimum and maximum pressures at which the output will meet the specified operating characteristics.

  • Operating Temperature Range

    The range of temperature between minimum and maximum temperature at which the output will meet the specified operating characteristics.

  • Orientation Sensitivity

    The maximum change in Offset of the product due to a change in position or orientation relative to the Earths gravitational field.'

  • Output Impedance

    The impedance across the output terminals of a transducer presented by the transducer to the associated external circuitry.

  • Output Noise

    The rms, peak-to-peak (as specified) AC component of transducers DC output in the absence of a change in input pressure.

  • Output Resolution

    The smallest difference between output signal readings which can be meaningfully distinguished or resolved.

  • Overpressure

    The maximum pressure that can be applied to a pressure instrument without significantly effecting its reading accuracy. Some manufacturers will state a maximum calibration shift following an over-pressure condition where others will state that the specification is unaffected.

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