• Mass Flow Rate

    flow rate expressed as fluid mass per unit time.

  • Maximum Common Mode Pressure

    The maximum pressure that can be applied simultaneously to both ports of a Differential Pressure Sensor without causing changes in specified performance.

  • Maximum Excitation

    The maximum value of supply voltage or current that can be applied to the transducer at room conditions without causing damage or performance degradation beyond specified tolerances.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure (Pmax.)

    The upper limit of the Operating Pressure Range.

  • Maximum Power Consumption

    The maximum electrical power consumed in normal operation of the product, dependent upon the Supply Voltage and any internal power saving modes of the product.

  • Maximum Pressure Hysteresis

    The largest difference between measurements recorded during an increase in pressure from zero to full scale pressure and a decrease in pressure from full scale to zero pressure.

  • Measurement Precision

    The limit that any pressure measurement reading will deviate from the best straight line.

  • Minimum Operating Pressure (Pmin.)

    The lower limit of the Operating Pressure Range.

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