• Laser Trimming

    A method for adjusting the value of thick film resistors using a computer-controlled laser system.

  • Leakage Rate

    The maximum rate at which a fluid is permitted or determined to leak through a seal. The type of fluid, the differential pressure across the seal, the direction of leakage, and the location of the seal must be specified.

  • Line Pressure

    The maximum allowable pressure safely applied to a transducer. Line pressure is also the maximum reference pressure allowable on a differential pressure transducer.

  • Linearity (linearity error)

    The deviation of the transducer output curve from a specified straight line. Linearity error is usually expressed as a % of span output.

  • Load Impedance

    The impedance presented to the output terminals of a transducer by the associated external circuitry.

  • Long Term Stability or Long Term Drift

    The amount of change of a measured reading at exactly the same pressure and ambient conditions over a given period of time which is typically quoted as an annual figure.

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