Cleanroom Presure

Cleanroom integrity depends on three parameters - pressure, temperature and humidity. Pressure is perhaps the most important for cleanroom safety, it is the differential pressure that is measured between the cleanroom and the external atmosphere. The differential pressure is often low, often below 0.5 millibar (0.2 inch water).


Critical pressure measurements require accurate, reliable pressure sensors. The Protran® PR3202 is designed for low level pressure measurement in all type of cleanroom, including those classed as hazardous areas. Fully temperature compensated and EMC protected, these pressure transmitters combine precise pressure measurement with the robustness required for the harshest environments.



ESI Technology design and manufacture – so options are almost infinite. This is useful because cleanrooms come in different types. Negative pressure cleanrooms are used for potentially dangerous situations where the hazard needs to be contained e.g. flammable, explosive and corrosive chemicals, and bio-safety. Positive pressure cleanrooms are used when any escaping is safe and to prevent ingress of dust, airborne matter and pollutant gas in the atmosphere.


Both types of cleanroom can be classed as hazardous, according to ATEX, IEC or US Class/Div standards. ESI Technology pressure transmitters can be used in these applications too. Ultra low levels can be made to custom requirements and there is a choice of housing depending on environment.


Service and calibration can be done in situ thanks to access by the front covers. This is important because sensitivity of the measurement and sensor technology mean that calibration in the laboratory is invalid in the cleanroom.


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