GS4200-USB and ESI-USB software

These questions and answers relate to the latest software version and above.

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  • I have run a long test with the GS4200-USB. The program will not display the full content of the logged dataset in the chart on the graph page, but you can view it if you export to a .txt file. Is there a limitation on how much data or how many seconds you can display in the program?
    We haven't imposed any restrictions on the file size, in theory it can grow as large as the hard drive / operating system will allow. The chart has a limit of 100,000 points. You should be able to load in files with more than this but only the newest 100,000 will be used.
  • Where are the instructions, documentation and troubleshooting guide?
    These are included on the installation CD in a subfolder. After inserting the CD into the drive please choose 'Open folders to view files' and navigate through to the Instruction Documents folder and the required document titles as shown below.

  • Where is the software installation video guide?
    This is included on the installation CD in a subfolder. Follow the same as above but instead navigate to Software Installation Video folder as shown below.

  • Does this ESI-USB software only work with Microsoft or is there another program I could use?
    The report generator feature was developed to work only with MS Word. However you can output the report directly to PDF but you still require MS Word to be installed on your computer.

    In the Report Template Editor program, select output format PDF Document.

    Otherwise you could send the dataset to any another application that will receive ASCII or Binary format files. For example notepad.exe.

    After you have made your dataset then click on the Certificate button and the dataset will sent to the target application.
  • Is it possible to generate a report to Open Office?
    This is not possible at present and will require investigation and maybe considered when making future enhancements to the software.
  • I cannot create a report and get this error message: 'Unable to launch the external application. The application could not be found'.
    The error message means that the application software cannot find MS Word program. Please check that you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, as this is a prerequisite for the Report Generator feature.

  • When I press the 'Create Report' button I get this error message: 'Data folder C:\Users\PSmith\Documents\ESI-USB does not exist. Please create this folder and try again'.
    At the point the 'Create Report' button is clicked the data is saved to a default 'Data Folder' path.

    The default folder for Windows 7, 8, 10 is C:\users\*\documents\esi-usb, where * is the name of currently logged in user. This path should have been automatically created the first time the software was run, however if it doesn't exist then please get the user to create it.

  • Can you provide the protocol for direct communication to the GS4200-USB?
    We have provided an API (Application Program Interface) that allows DLL (Direct Link Library) function calls to be made from most programming languages and this allows communication directly with the GS4200-USB.

    Please install the API software from the Installation CD (or from the Web download) by running the setup.exe file from within the GS4200_API_250915 folder. There is a choice to install a 32 bit or 64 bit version depending on your operating system.

    Then navigate to the Examples folders installed under the User directory. Documentation and working examples in various programming languages are provided.

  • Would you please tell me how to use LabVIEW with this transducer? Do you have a prepared example to follow?
    Please see answer above. There is a working LabVIEW application in the example folder provided.
  • How do I install the USB Drivers?
    This should have automatically installed with the ESI-USB software. However if there was some problem then please go to 'All Programs' and run FTDI USB Drivers from the ESI Technology folder (see below).

    Also for further information please look at the troubleshooting guide and installation video on the installation CD.

  • How many sensors can connect to the software at once?
    The ESI-USB application software and the GS4200-USB API both support up to 16 sensors. There may be a practical limitation less than this due to number of USB ports available in your hardware system.
  • Can we display multiple USB transducers at once?
    This is not possible in the 'Monitor' screen. From the drop-down list connected transducers can easily be selected and chosen to display in 'Monitor' screen one at a time but all units will be displayed in the graph screen.
  • What is the read interval and what speed is possible?
    Presently it is possible to make a maximum of 5 readings per second but the new version of GS4200-USB will have a faster sampling rate and therefore a shorter read interval. This will be announced formally in 2016.
  • What is the temperature accuracy of the GS4200-USB?
    At the moment it is within +/-1°C with a resolution 0.1°C
  • What is the availability of USB transducer?
    Lead time is 3 weeks.
  • When using the GS4200-USB transducer can we include the alarm settings into the report?
    This function is not available.
  • Is it possible to control the duration of a test?
    Including a timer to set the start and end point of a test is not available at this moment. We are not able to include every feature but ideas will be gathered and considered when making future enhancements to the software.
  • Is calibration done by ESI?
    Yes. All ESI pressure transducers and transmitters are calibrated in our factory using calibration equipment that is traceable to national standards.
  • Can the software text be translated into other languages?
    Presently only English is available but it may be possible to consider this in the future.
  • Will the software function on its own?
    The software must be used in conjunction with a USB transducer. On its own the software has no function.
  • What is the standard cable length supplied with GS4200-USB?
    The standard cable length is 2 metres. This is supplied with each unit.

    There is an optional longer cable of 4.5 metres (part number USB-CAB4.5) which is available for purchase otherwise transmission can be extended by a USB active extension cable (repeater) up to a distance of 50 meters.

    The full speed performance when cable length is greater than 2m will need to be confirmed during the development.
  • Is GS4200-USB available in the range 0-600 bar or only in 0-400 bar range or 0-1500 bar as listed in the datasheet?
    The intention for GS4200-USB is to offer a limited number of 'standard' ranges to cover a wide range of test applications.

    GS4200-USB differs from typical analogue output pressure transmitters as the product is not calibrated to a standard output range, such as 4-20mA, for integration into a specific application.

    GS4200-USB is different and has been designed to be able to make tests at many different pressure points up to and including its full pressure range. Due to its high accuracy it is possible to make accurate tests at different pressures using a single device. For instance a 1500 bar GS4200-USB unit will provide accurate measurement when testing at 600 bar, 800 bar or 1000 bar.

    The principle is very similar to that of a Dead Weight Tester where a 600 bar instrument may be used to calibrate devices anywhere between 60 and 600 bar. This is why ESI have set standard ranges of 2.5, 16, 100, 400, 1500, 2000 and 4000 bar.
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